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Talent Development

Respect talents, manage talents, talents are the first capital of enterprises


Proficient always practice, talent is the first capital of the enterprise

Committed to create a humanized organizational environment and atmosphere

 Master, always insist on respecting and managing talents

 Make every member professional, professional, dedicated and happy

 Form a solid community of interests and undertakings with each member

With each member to create a common cause, common growth, win-win future

Established in 2011, Tong express is a leading express service provider in China. It is proficient in express transportation. Relying on seven regional logistics operation platforms of South China, East China, North China, Southwest China, central China, northeast and Northwest China and the highway trunk transportation network covering the whole country, it integrates goods logistics, information flow, capital flow and commercial logistics efficiently to provide customers with integrated and visualized high-end logistics solutions Master express transportation has won the national logistics drop and pull pilot enterprises, national demonstration enterprises in the field of express transportation, and Shenzhen key logistics enterprises. Since the establishment of the company, proficient in express transportation, determined to forge ahead, with its own strength, has become a logistics brand enterprise with extensive influence. Through campus recruitment and social recruitment, reserve and cultivate graduates and recruit social talents, publicize and display the company's corporate culture and management experience, supplement the follow-up force for the proficient express talent echelon, provide the source for the development of proficient talents, and maintain the vitality of talent construction team. After years of recruitment work, proficient express talent echelon has established a perfect talent development system. The grass-roots reserve force, mainstay cadres, team brain leadership and other clear levels provide a long-term guarantee for the continuous development and improvement of the construction and development of proficient express talents.

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