Master express sales company's group building activities in 2019 set goals, rush forward, work hard and climb the peak
source: time:2020-09-16

      Although the scorching sun is like fire, it does not block the determination of all sales staff to challenge.
      In order to make the staff relax after the tense work, strengthen the team building, increase the good communication between employees, form a positive and coordinated organizational atmosphere, and create a good team spirit; master express held a 12 day group building and development activity in June 2019.



      As the old saying goes, it is easier to go up than down. Climbing up the mountain has already consumed everyone's physical strength. When they go down the mountain, they all support each other. Although they are exhausted, no one escapes. The whole team encourages each other and walks down the mountain with singing and laughing.
      Mountaineering is not the physical exercise, but the spiritual perseverance. Only by never giving up and climbing the peak, can we build an invincible sales team.



      After the event, everyone raised their hands of mineral water to drink, and their joy and excitement were expressed.



            The location of the Southwest sales team is located in Yunding mountain, Jintang County. The whole journey is about 7 kilometers. Under the leadership of general manager he Tao of Southwest sales company, the team members walked on the Mountaineering Road between the lush woods on both sides and between the fields. Along the way, the air was clear, the trees were shaded, and there were all kinds of crops. The clear and cool air sent out the fragrance of green grass. All participants were immersed in the scenery, no matter how breathless he was, Although he was sweating profusely, he threw away his hands and strode forward. All his troubles were then weathered. Enjoying the beautiful moment of being so close to nature, we were tired and happy!



      This group building activity has strengthened the communication and cooperation between teams and between employees and teams, and also made us deeply realize that the strength of one person is limited, and the strength of a team is indestructible. The success of a team requires the joint efforts of every member of us; because there is no perfect individual, there is only a perfect team!
      There are heroes fighting for the upper reaches. Don't be proud to win the upper reaches. There are still heroes ahead. After this activity, the sales company will be more and more brave and climb the peak forever!

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