Proficient in express transportation won the title of "four star fleet" in the third batch of China's highway freight
source: time:2020-09-16

      On December 19, the Fifth China Federation of things freight logistics industry annual meeting was held in Beijing. The conference held the third batch of China's road freight star fleet licensing ceremony, proficient in fast transport won China's road freight "four-star fleet" title.


       The "star fleet selection of China's highway freight transport" is mainly conducted from five aspects of scale, efficiency, safety, integrity and green. The purpose is to establish industry benchmark, encourage innovation and practice, and provide qualification certificate for market selection of high-quality transport capacity. Proficient in express transportation has been selected as a "four-star team" among many enterprises and teams participating in the election. This is the second time that our company has won the title of "four-star fleet" of China's highway freight transportation after the "2017 national freight industry annual meeting".



      Proficient in express transportation capacity is reflected in the cross regional provincial trunk line, regional intercity branch line and urban distribution. Now it has more than 6000 controllable transport vehicles, covering the whole country, providing reliable transportation capacity guarantee for customers' cargo transportation.



      Proficient in fast transportation, it has an efficient and stable transportation management system. The fleet adopts domestic advanced GPS navigation and positioning system and active safety defense driving system. It can visually monitor the transportation status and track of vehicles in the whole process, and automatically report and intervene the unsafe status of vehicles and drivers, which provides an effective way for the safety management of transportation vehicles.

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