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      Proficient in customization, customized to meet the requirements of customers, including complete vehicle, less than carload, air transportation, the time limit is from 2D12 to the specified time.


                Freight Collect
   To provide you with delivery terminal payment freight service, when the goods arrive at the consignee, the consignee will pay the freight service description: safe, assured, convenient.


              Receipt of Receipt
Introduction: the service of returning the receipt or receipt provided by the sending customer to the sending customer after the goods are signed and received.


  Collection of payment for Goods

   Proficient in express delivery, according to the requirements of a transaction agreement between the sender (seller) and the receiving customer (the buyer), it can collect money from the receiving customer and transfer the goods to the sending customer while carrying and distributing the goods for the sender. To provide safe and fast payment recovery services. Accept the entrustment of the customer at the place of delivery, deliver the goods to the customer at the destination, collect the payment from the customer at the destination at the same time of delivery, and return the payment to the customer at the place of delivery within the specified time limit. Customers can complete cross regional sales and payment recovery without leaving home.


             Insured Transportation
   Insured transportation is a special mode of transportation based on the value of the goods declared by the shipper. You declare the actual value of the consigned goods to proficient. For the goods transported according to the insured value, the shipper shall pay a certain insurance fee in addition to the transportation expenses. If the goods are in danger during the transportation, our company will compensate according to the declared value of the shipper Pay for a certain loss.


                   Safety Packaging
Proficient will tailor a safe and reliable packaging solution for your goods, which will make you feel more at ease. According to the research data of logistics industry, 47.5% of the reasons for the damage of goods transportation are due to improper packaging. According to the types and needs of goods, proficient in providing you with quality packaging solutions. Carton: good stiffness and folding resistance, anti vibration inside and anti puncture outside. Suitable for: leisure food, household appliances, daily necessities and other fiber bags: multi layer thickened fiber bag, moisture-proof, antifouling, anti scattering, multi model selection, the first choice for goods packaging "protective umbrella". Wood packaging: professional carpenter, handmade, iron nail reinforced, specially designed for fragile and shaking animal products. Warm shock material: new plastic buffer material (winding film, bubble film, pearl cotton), light texture, good transparency, good shock absorption.

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