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China to the United States

China to the United States

Service Introduction

The Sino US special line is proficient in express delivery independent research and development channel, and it is a special line service that can be charged to live products, service weight (0~30kg), size restriction (the longest side can reach 1.2m), quick effect and preferential price for the products sold to the US. The service is airlifted to the United States by Hongkong's rich flight resources, with business model clearance, followed by Fedex. The service can immediately return to the federal tracking number, and can check the track track in the Fedex official network, YunTrack, Aftership, 17track, and so on.

Service Name: Sino US special line

Service code: JTEX

Service area: all the United States, excluding remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other overseas addresses; APO/FPO military address

Prescription of service: 7 - 15 days

Service advantage

1. head straight hair: the flight resources are rich, Hongkong airlift directly to the United States;

2. cargo properties: can take general goods and built-in battery goods;

3. weight limit: 0-30KG, not only 2KG;

4. size limit: the relative packet service, package size larger (the longest side length is less than or equal to 120cm; +2* (W + H) = 210cm);

5. address check: reduce the probability of unsuccessful delivery; the order system provides powerful address checking function, which will reduce the problem of unsuccessful delivery due to the wrong address to less than 0.2%, improve the signing rate, and ensure the quality of service.

6. compensation guarantee: a perfect standard of compensation is made, and there is nothing to worry about.

Service Introduction

Type of goods: parcel

Charging mode: each kg + freight handling fee, minimum shipment weight 100g, with G as the unit of accounting

Throw rules: no bubble within 2kg, weight above 2kg = (long * width * high) /8000

Declaration requirements: not to accept goods declared worth more than 800USD

Query Web site




Http:// Fc=190008

Reference to local delivery in the United States

Claim standard

Query time limit: 18 days after the delivery of goods can be checked, 90 days after the inquiry is not accepted, from the date of opening, 1 months to confirm the results of the query

Compensation Description:

The 1. principle: first query, post claim

2. condition: to provide a proof that the buyer has not received the goods.

3. standard: if we confirm the lost goods, the freight will not be returned, that is to pay compensation according to the value of the declaration or 3 times the freight (the lower one).

The information required for compensation:

1. platform online transaction screenshot + refunds screenshot

2. if the goods are remailed in the case of non refundable, the online transaction screenshot, the contentious content plus the single number must be submitted.

3. if the goods are confirmed to be lost during the transfer of our company, it will be claimed directly in accordance with the standard of compensation without any proof.

Other instructions

This channel does not support the overseas return service temporarily.

This channel is sent to USPS at the end, if the customer is not in the home and other reasons can not be normally signed, USPS will leave a note, and can be sent free of charge two times. If unable to contact the seller to sign, pick up the post office. The mail will stay at the post office for 10 days. If no one is extracted, the goods will be returned to our New York overseas warehouse.

This channel provides two dispatch services. If the package is returned to the overseas warehouse, we can send it two times according to the customer's demand. The charge standard is 50% of the first delivery cost.

This channel requires address check, the purpose is to reduce the probability of unsuccessful delivery of parcel delivery, to bring inconvenience to the customer, please forgive;

This channel does not accept any similar brand products.

This channel does not accept the same addressee and the same address, and the cumulative value of the package is more than 800 dollars on the same day.

This channel only provides the Shenzhen warehouse to intercept the service before the warehouse, the customer must do intercepting action within our system, otherwise our department will not accept it.

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